Guéthary is a typical Basque village, an old whale fishing port, widely open to the ocean, and today, known worldwide by surfers for its various "Spots".

Located in the heart of the village, the pediment is a high place of the Basque ball.

It is today, a place of meeting, proximity and conviviality where are programmed parts of ball, concerts, dance...

In 1910, the wall of the Palm game was rebuilt and raised: the large free square of Guéthary is now adapted to the Great Chistera, a game that requires power, agility and precision.

Located 15 km from Bayonne and 15 km from Hendaye, in the centre of the Basque coast, Guéthary enjoys a view of the coast towards the beaches of the Landes and the panorama of the Pyrenees visible to the top of the central chain

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