The market of Guéthary, market for regional products, takes place on Sunday morning from May to September on the Place du pediment.

In most villages or towns in the Basque country you can find a market for regional products. A market in the Basque Country is the meeting with producers, artisans who present the great diversity of the products of Basque gastronomy.

The essentials: The chili of Espelette, the Basque ham (Bayonne, Ibaïona, Kintoa), the Basque cake, the sheep's cheese (Ardi Gasna), the wine of Irouleguy, the cherry of Itxassou...

The products of the sea are very present in the markets of the Basque coast, the line hake of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, fresh or canned tuna, squid, crustaceans... and all fish of local fishing, bars, sea bream, sardines, anchovies... The vegetable production is also very present, discover the small local producers…

On the cheese side, the sheep cheese Ardi Gasna reigns in master but you will also be offered a wide variety of cheese production.

On the deli side, the ham of course says Bayonne, with local producers who do a remarkable job of breeding and refining. In particular, a Basque ham marketed under the name of Ham Kintoa or Ibaïona is noted. In all specialties from the pig bred in the Basque country often the use of Espelette chili is found.

On the pastry side, the Basque cake is also a must, with the cream or the black cherry of Itxassou, but also the macaroons and other Mouchous, the Kanouga, jams, ice creams…

Main traditional markets in the BASQUE country:


Every Thursday and Sunday morning, on the esplanade of Quintaou


Every Saturday morning on the square Pierre Loti


Every Wednesday morning, place des gascons. Every morning from Monday to Saturday, all day on Fridays and vigils at the halls. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at the Hall of the Halls (clothing) and on the quay of the Nive (fruit and vegetables). Every Friday morning at Polo Berry and Place de la République.


Every morning at the halls of Biarritz


Every Saturday morning, town Hall Square


Every Saturday morning, place Gabriel Péry

Cambo les Bains

Every Friday morning, rue Chiquito


Every Sunday morning, facing the town hall


Every Wednesday morning, market place


One Tuesday in two in winter, every Tuesday in the summer. Every Saturday morning, farm products market.


Every Saturday morning, place Sokoburu. Every Wednesday morning place of the Republic.


Every Tuesday morning at the high city. Every Saturday morning Place du pediment.

St Jean de Luz

Every Tuesday and Friday morning.

St Palais

Every Friday morning at the covered market. Fat market from November to February.


St Jean Pied de Port

Every Monday, all day. Farmers ' Market, every Thursday in the summer, from 9am to 1pm.


Every Wednesday morning at the village all year round. Every Monday morning at Socoa in July-August.


One Monday out of two off-season. Every Monday morning in season.


Every Saturday morning, place du Labord

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