On the coast of Guéthary, you will discover protected areas, exceptional sites suitable for surfing and all the sports of gliding.

The centre and the small port of Guéthary seduce all those in search of tranquility and authenticity.

By taking the coastal trail, you will walk along the beach of Cenitz and discover the fauna and flora of a listed conservatory of the coast. Located between Guéthary and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, supervised in summer, this beach is made for lovers of natural spaces.

Nestled at the bottom of a small cove, the Alcyons Beach is ideal for families. We practice the stand up paddle easily.

With its big spots like Avalanche and Parlementia that mark the border with Bidart, the waves of Guéthary attracts experienced surfers, and locals.

Ecole de surf Christophe Reinhardt
Adresse : 128 Rue du Comté de Swiecinski, 64210 Guéthary
Téléphone : 06 88 57 38 26

Ecole de Surf H2O
Adresse : Plage de l'Uhabia, Avenue d'Espagne, 64210 Bidart
Téléphone : 06 49 98 77 26

Mahi Mahi Surf Charlotte Caton
Adresse : Résidence, Jaizquibel, Biarritz
Téléphone : 06 95 17 96 61

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