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Le Château

The wine tradition of the Château de Cabidos estate was successfully relaunched in the early 1990s after being abandoned for more than a century.

Today, nine hectares of the estate are devoted to vines shared between several grape varieties.

It is Petit Manseng, a white grape variety of Pyrenean origin, which occupies most of the vineyard.’ Petit manseng’ offers sweet white wines and dry white wines that are very appreciated by connoisseurs. We also develop subtle dry whites made from Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes as well as an astonishing red wine produced with Syrah.

Ideally planted mid-slope on slopes facing south-east, the vineyards of the Domaine de Cabidos produce wines from ‘Pays du Comté Tolosan’ –Atlantic Pyrenean.

With a desire for reasoned culture followed by a conversion to organic viticulture and with a modern winery, the Cabidos wine estate combines technologies, audacity and traditions. Today, it is a domain renowned for the finesse of its wines which, over the vintages, assert their personality and impose themselves among the references of the Southwest in terms of white.

Maison Montamat

Family of pork butchers since 1901 on the Basque coast, offers quality products.



Organic cow's milk yogurt and cottage cheese  


"A farm consistent with its ecosystem"

Etxe Peio

Confection of jam based on whole cherries cooked in copper cauldron will assure you a most authentic jam!

Glace au lait de Brebis

Discover our range of sheep milk ice cream

At Agour since 2011, we have developed artisanal sheep's milk ice cream recipes that combine smoothness and indulgence.

Contrary to popular belief, sheep's milk is not strong in taste and its positive impact on health is recognized as you can discover in our article on the benefits of sheep's milk. It therefore brings a soft and subtle fragrance to our sheep's milk ice cream recipes which reveal the flavors with a delicious and surprising smoothness.