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hôtel de charme à Guéthary | hôtel calme Saint jean de luz - Hotel villa Catarie

Guéthary, authentic Basque village in the heart of the Basque coast (64)


in turn, a whaling port, a fishing village and from the 19th century, an elegant seaside resort which welcomed the first lovers of sea bathing.

Later, surf pioneers discovered its world famous waves today. The smallest town on the Basque coast, in its wooded setting, reveals its unique charm and its architecture and its unforgettable panorama.

Basque pelota

he pediment is a Mecca for Basque pelota. Today, it is a place of meeting, proximity and conviviality where pelota parties, concerts, dances ...

In 1910, the Jeu de Paume wall was rebuilt and raised: Guéthary's large free space was now adapted to the Grand Chistera, a game that required power, agility and precision.

The beaches and the port

You can choose your beach, each has its charm.

For athletes (surfing), the world famous Parlementia beach.

For families, take advantage of the small coves for the joys of swimming.

Guéthary beaches: Cenitz, Arrotzen Costa, (les Alcyons), Parlementia, and Port beach.

You will also discover on the way the Picturesque small port in dry dock, which shelters some colored boats For the most curious, desks mark out the streets.

They allow you to discover the history of the village, from the church to the port, passing by the beautiful neo-Basque houses. Don't forget to visit the museum!